Age, Disease, and Disability can rob a loved one from being able to take care of his or her obligations.

At this point, a guardianship may be required. The court will appoint a guardian when an individual can no longer manage his or her affairs

The guardianship may be for the estate only for cases when the guardian is only taking care of the financial matters on the individual. In other cases, the guardianship could be for the person only when the guardian is only attending to the personal needs of an individual. Finally, the guardianship may be for both the estate and the person.

It is my philosophy that a guardianship should be utilized only as a last resort. In my opinion, it is a much better option for an individual to use a power of attorney. This document is less intrusive, costly, and time-consuming. I understand, however, that this not always possible. If the individual is already incompetent and there is no power of attorneys in place, then a guardianship will have to be filed. If you think that a loved one needs a guardian, call our office today, and we can discuss the situation further.

If you think that a loved one needs a guardian, call our office today

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